Welcome to the ACfE – record results show the strength of our partnership

Abingdon Consortium for Education is a unique partnership of three secondary schools and a Further Education College. We want every young person attending secondary school and college in Abingdon to have access to an outstanding education. The Abingdon Consortium works together to achieve these high standards across the town, transforming the life chances of our young people and strengthening our community.

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The Abingdon Consortium continues to offer the flexibility for students to study a huge range and combination of courses within Abingdon, which is broadening horizons for students who choose to study in the town. A particular strength of this consortium of schools is its success in science, maths and computing subjects, achieving in the top 25% of schools in the country.

Students studying in JMS Sixth Form Centre

These results show the strength of the collaboration across Abingdon, with everyone working together to share the best teaching, expertise and resources for the good of all our students in the town.

With over 390 students in Sixth Form, ACfE is the third biggest school Sixth Form in Oxfordshire. Alongside the range of courses offered by Abingdon and Witney College, the Consortium means that students in Abingdon and beyond have access to a broad range of qualifications and opportunities. The secondary schools also work closely with the Abingdon Primary Partnership.

Abingdon Consortium for Education works together so that every student benefits to create:

  • A rich range of resources, courses and experiences
  • A forum for sharing the very best teaching and learning expertise across Abingdon
  • A determination to support and challenge each other to do well as students, teachers, leaders and governors
  • A partnership that values every young person and learner
  • A brighter future for our community

Our dedicated staff and governors are passionate that every student is encouraged and supported to reach their personal goals. We are proud of our growing success in examinations and extra-curricular achievements that help make this happen.

We are committed to building upon the existing strengths of our collaboration, with a clear focus on the quality of teaching and learning alongside the ethos of support and challenge that will enable everyone within the consortium to achieve their high ambitions.

Together we are passionate about the future of education in Abingdon. Together we are committed to collaborate to ensure that every student has access to high quality experiences and support, equipping them for their exciting futures. Together we are putting learning at the very heart of our community.


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