From the age of 11 to 19 and beyond, Abingdon Consortium for Education will provide students with the routes to progress onto the next stage of their education or employment. ACfE learners will grow in confidence, develop new skills and have greater independence. Together, everyone will benefit from and share our excitement in the power of learning to transform lives.

Students in Abingdon Consortium for Education are setting off on the course for success, with the opportunity to achieve in a wide range of high quality qualifications, including:

  • GCSE
  • BTEC
  • National Diploma

These qualifications and experiences will prepare young people for employment or further study in Abingdon Consortium for Education and beyond.

We continue to develop collaboration at 14-16 so that together we can offer so much more than any one school or college. Abingdon is ideally located in the heart of technology and innovation, and the Consortium is building links and opportunities to enhance the experiences of our students. By forging links with universities, industry and employers, Abingdon Consortium for Education enables young people to look to the future, following courses and gaining experiences that will open doors.

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