Course Title: History
This is a subject which is now a ‘new style’ A level which means that the result of the AS exams does not contribute to the overall A level marks and grades. If a student drops the course after AS then this new type of the AS is worth 40% of the UCAS points of the full A level for University entry in 2017 and beyond. If a student completes the A level course then it is only the assessment at the end of the second year that counts towards the full A level grade.


Examination Board and details OCR History A.

A2 specification H505

AS specification H105

Course Structure:

AS     Unit 1


         Unit 2



All schools:   Y112 England 1900-51


John Mason and Fitzharrys: Y212 American Revolution 1740-1796

Larkmead: Y240 Russia 1645-1741


Course Structure:

A2     Unit 3




         Unit 4




John Mason:   Y313 The Ascendancy of France 1610-1715

Fitzharrys:   Y314 The Challenge of German Nationalism

Larkmead:   Y318 Russian Rulers 1855-1964


Y100:   Independent Investigation

John Mason and Fitzharrys: Free choice

Larkmead:   International Relations in the 1930s


Advertised topics are subject to change depending upon the quality of resources produced by publishers.
How you will learn (investigations, course work etc.)


We use a variety of learning techniques in the classroom similar to those employed at GCSE.
Assessment Methods

At AS:



                                            At A2:



Unit 1: Source paper 25% of A2, 50% of AS.

Unit 2: Essay paper 15% of A2, 50% of AS



Unit 3: Essay paper 40% of A2

Unit 4: Coursework 20% of A2         

Entry Requirements: C or above in GCSE history and GCSE English Language.
Skills you will need


·         Ability to select and deploy relevant information to support arguments.

  • Independent study skills.
  • Willingness to ask questions and participate in discussion in class.
  • Enjoyment of finding out about past civilizations and cultures.
  • Love of reading.
  • Ability to write coherently and strong literacy skills.
  • Ability to analyse information critically.





Careers Steps/Progression


… to teach you to think;

… you to understand the world today;

… you to structure arguments and


… you to understand people and their


… make you a good citizen;

… you to analyse the world around you;

… you to understand what’s in the news

– and why;

… to prepare you for university in all

sorts of other subjects…










Mr. D. Coles (Larkmead)

Mr. R. Conway (John Mason)

Mr. L. Moss (Fitzharrys)



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