Larkmead Transition Work – Summer 2021

Starting A Levels in September 2021?

The work below has been set by subject teachers to develop skills and content knowledge ahead of starting Sixth Form in September. This work assumes even greater importance this year, given that there will be a five-month gap between attendance in year 11 and beginning life in Sixth Form. We are asking that you complete the work set for the subjects that you wish to study at A-Level, and submit the work during the first week back in September (or as indicated by the subject teacher).

The Larkmead Transition Programme is available here.

Biology Business Chemistry
Economics English Language English Literature (LM)
Further Maths History (LM course)
Maths Media Studies
Music Physical Education (LM)
Performing Arts Physics Product Design 3D
Psychology Sociology (LM Course)

Please note that completion of transition work does not commit you to taking that particular course, nor does it guarantee a place on the course.

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